2023 Exterior house color trends

When thinking of selling your home your thoughts might lead you to what repairs you have to make before putting your home on the market. A popular update homesellers do is repainting the exterior of their home. This is a typical repair that homeowners tend to do especially due to typical wear and tear. Find out the latest trending exterior house colors 2023 and, if this repair isn’t in the budget, how to sell your home as-is.

Trending exterior house colors 2023

If you’re looking to refresh your home, look at these color trends that might spark some inspiration. 

Linen or beige

You can’t go wrong with a neutral color! This colorway will help your home stand out amongst the others and can help it come off as exciting and trendy when potential buyers are looking. Curb appeal is everything when drawing buyers in and this color is a winner.


Earth tones aren’t only great for your home's interior but also its exterior! Pair green or earthy tones with gray or cream for this color to really pop.

Bright yellow

If white window panes and a yellow house are your ideal look then this color is for you! This is an iconic look that seems to never go out of style. Not only will potential buyers get a happy feeling from looking at your home, but the bright yellow is versatile and can be paired with different colors to stand out

Light blue or slate

Your average gray can be boring, add some blue tones to it and you have a totally different home! This color is one of the top trending home colors for 2023 and for good reason. Slate is the perfect color if you're wanting a coastal look for your home and gives a crisp look. 

Autumn red

For those who prefer warmer tones, this warm red color is perfect when paired with white window panes, railings or doors. This fun color can add personality to any home.

Sell as-is

Painting an entire house can be quite the task. If it’s not in your budget or is just too big of a project to undertake, sell your home as-is to Best Price Homebuyers! No repairs are needed to sell your home. If painting your home a Trending Exterior House Color 2023 isn’t in the cards you have options!

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