Can you sell a haunted house?

Homeowners decide to sell their homes for various reasons. Some homeowners decide to sell because they need more space for their growing families, while others have more spooky reasons like having a haunted house. 

It might sound like straight out of a movie, but some homeowners believe they have experienced paranormal activity in their houses. Just how many? Rocket Homes reports that 10.5 percent of surveyed homeowners think they are currently living in a haunted house

After many years of living at your home, you might have learned to live with unusual activity. But, what happens when you have to sell it? Will having a spooky house make it difficult to sell your home? Our team has answered your questions on how to sell a haunted house.

Is your house really haunted?

Before automatically ruling that your house is haunted, take into consideration the condition of the house. How old is the house? Does it have any issues? Sometimes electrical, plumbing and pest problems may cause unusual noises.

You can uncover if your home has any of these issues by conducting a home inspection. If the inspection has not uncovered anything wrong with your property, then consider it might be haunted. The New York Paranormal Society says that some common signs a house might be haunted include:

  • strange smells

  • room temperature changing unexpectedly

  • electronics uncharging fast

  • unusual noises

  • Feeling chills down your spine

How to sell your haunted house

Put it on the market

The first option you have to sell your haunted house is selling it the traditional route where you hire a real estate agent or sell it yourself. Although it is one of the most widely known processes, it does have some disadvantages. 

The selling process can take months, and you run the risk that homebuyers might walk away from the sale. Homebuyers might walk away from the deal if they find out there are major issues with the house or it has paranormal activity. Do you have to disclose that your home is haunted?

Depending on the state your house is located in. Most states require home sellers to disclose any “material defects,” like a flood or structural damage. However, only some states require you to disclose “psychological impact” - like homicides, suicides or natural deaths that happen on the property or speculated paranormal activity. Check with a real estate attorney if you should disclose before listing. In Nebraska, no state law explicitly requires agents and sellers to disclose the psychological impact on the property. 

Sell it to a company that buys homes

Your second option to selling a haunted house is selling it to a company that buys homes in Omaha. These companies have streamlined processes that can get your house sold fast and for cash. How the process works is someone will come to view your house and then give you a cash offer for it. They will buy your house as-is and require no repairs. 

Looking for a company that buys homes in Omaha?

Contact Best Price Homebuyers. We are a local company that buys houses no matter what their condition. We buy houses with water, fire, roof, termite damage and even haunted houses. Request your cash offer today