Common amenities homebuyers look for and how to sell your home as is

When looking for a home people aren’t looking to compromise on much. From location to space, to appliances, everything is important and should be taken into consideration when putting your home on the market or buying a home yourself. When selling a dated home, these amenities aren’t as easy to come by. This means updates are a must in order to pique the interest of potential buyers. If updates aren’t in the budget or you need to sell your home fast, selling your house as-is to Best Price Homebuyers is a great option!

Common amenities

Updated kitchen and bathroom

Kitchens and bathrooms are some of the highest traffic areas in a home. When it comes down to whether a home is for you or not, oftentimes, an updated bathroom or kitchen can be the deciding factor. These updated rooms add value to a home and have the potential to have unique features that other homes lack.


A backyard that is both functional and great for entertaining is a great selling factor. Adding a pool or patio to a backyard can be an expensive but profitable option to get your home on and off the market faster. 

Eye-catching exterior

Besides landscaping, the exterior appearance of your home matters! A fresh coat of paint helps not only the curb appeal but helps your home stand out amongst the others potential homebuyers will be looking at. These updates can include new siding, updated garage door and exterior lighting. 

Low energy costs

If there is a chance of lowering the monthly utility bills, homebuyers are all in! Replacing windows is a great way to start this upgrade. Old windows are likely to let in a draft which can lead to heating and cooling bills being more expensive. Air-sealing and insulating your attic can also help save on energy costs. To get the most out of your money when making these upgrades replace your siding! Wood, aluminum, steel and vinyl are good options.

Selling your house as-is

Don’t have the budget to update your home? Consider selling your house as-is! Best Priced Homebuyers will buy your home as-is no matter the condition, no updates are necessary. When you sell your property for cash you will receive a cash offer in return in as little as 24 hours! We will buy your house and make it a simple and stress-free process. Forget inspections and realtors, and make cash fast! Contact us today and request a cash offer.