Common renter repairs and damages

Being a landlord isn’t always stress-free. Making sure your property is in tip-top shape is your number one priority while also making sure your tenants are happy and following your guidelines. Even when you try your best, something can and will go wrong. Whether it’s a hot water heater or a smoke detector, landlords are who tenants rely on when problems arise. Owning another property can be quite the headache, our team wants to share common rental property repairs and how to sell your home as-is.

What is a rental property?

A residential rental property is a single-family home, townhouse, apartment or any other property that can be rented out to a tenant who does not reside there long-term. A rental property real estate investment can be beneficial, but there are also some disadvantages such as repairs and common damages. Rental properties rented out to tenants can undergo the occasional wear and tear when in a long lease period. 

Common rental property repairs and damages

When tenants occupy your property, everyday wear and tear is normal. Damages and repairs  can also occur over time to your rental property.

Smoke detector

Smoke detectors should be installed in every bedroom, outside of every sleeping room and on every level. Replace and test the batteries to make sure they all function properly. 


Water leaks can be a common problem that landlords have to fix. Roof damage and broken pipes are only a couple of contributing factors that can cause leaks in your home. After a leak, it’s usually best to outsource a professional for the damage like a roofer or plumber. 

Hot water heater

If a hot water heater goes out, tenants are usually fast to inform landlords. When this happens you might need to hire a professional to do maintenance on your hot water heater or replace the whole system. This can be a hefty investment.


Landlords often have to fix toilets for tenants. Whether something gets flushed that isn’t supposed to, or it keeps overflowing, you have to figure out a solution before water damage is made to your property.


If tenants hang artwork on the wall or shove a piece of furniture too hard against a wall, drywall damage can happen. Small holes can be fixed with some spackle while larger holes will require some more work.

Sell as-is

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Common rental property repairs

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