Four hidden costs of selling your home

Selling a house is just as tedious as buying a home. There is a lot that goes into selling a house that many homeowners do not know about. The process is time-consuming and can cost you money if you choose to go the traditional route. 

That is why our team wants to share with you some hidden fees when selling a home that no one tells you about and why selling it to a company that buys homes in Omaha is a better choice. 

Hidden fees when selling a home


When selling your home the traditional route, it is a good idea to get a pre-inspection. This process is done by the seller before putting the house on the market. It gets a professional assessment that gives the seller information about the condition of the property that could devalue the home. 

Although a pre-inspection helps sellers uncover repairs that need to be done, it costs money. reports that it could cost between $200 to $500 to get an inspection. That does not take into account the cost of any repairs that your home might need. 


Making the repairs beforehand can help you maximize the amount of money you will get for your home. Also, potential homebuyers will ask for an inspection of your property. If the home inspector uncovers any problems, the seller will ask you to make those repairs before closing.

Repairs can add up, especially if there are significant problems with your house. For example, if your home has foundation problems, the average cost to repair foundation issues is around $4,539. If repairs are not in your budget, sell your home to a company that buys homes in Omaha.

Real estate agent commission

If you are deciding to sell your home with a realtor, then you need to take into account the real estate agent commission. This commission is split between the buyer’s and seller’s agent. Who pays for the commission? Typically, the seller pays for both the listing and the buyer’s agent.

This real estate agent commission cost is not a specific amount. The price is determined by the sale price the home was sold at or depending on the agent. The average commission is around six percent of the sale price

Seller closing costs 

Even closing the sale of your home requires money. Home sellers need to also take into account the closing costs. These expenses go beyond the home’s price that homebuyers and sellers need to pay to close the home transaction. 

What expenses do closing costs include? For the seller, closing costs include the agent commission, transfer tax, title insurance, HOA fees, escrow and closing fees. Zillow reports that seller closing costs can average between 8 to 10 percent of the sale price of the home

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