How to prepare your home for summer and what to do if you can’t afford to

With warmer temperatures, it’s important to make sure that your home is prepared to take on the summer heat! Keep the heat on the outside and maintain cool temperatures on the inside. Can’t afford to maintain your home? Don’t worry, with Best Price Homebuyers we’ve got you covered no matter what situation you’re in. Find out how to sell your home for cash hassle-free.

Prepare your home for summer

Check your thermostat

You want to be able to escape the heat when you come home. To ensure your home is cooling correctly, check to make sure your thermostat is working. To do this set the thermostat to AC and turn on the air to at least five degrees cooler than what the temperature was previously set at. Make cooling your home fast and efficient by investing in a programmable thermostat. This device allows you to control the temperature when you aren’t home, keeping energy bills lower and being energy efficient. 

Replace air filter

Air filters put in a lot more work during the summer months. In order to cool your home, air filters work at faster speeds to collect dust which means it needs to be replaced more often. Since more air is circulating throughout the house, air filters are more prone to collecting mass amounts of dirt, pollen, mold and mites. If they aren’t replaced, the performance of your air conditioner will be poor. 

Update insulation

If you want to make sure your house stays cool, making sure your home's insulation is updated is crucial. Insulation during the summer is important because it traps all the warm air in and keeps the cool air out. Insulation also keeps moisture out which eliminates the presence of humidity. Your air conditioner won’t have to work as hard at full capacity with updated insulation, this decreases the cost of energy bills and makes cooling your home fast and efficient.

Install ceiling fans

In the summer make sure your fans are turning in a counterclockwise rotation. This will make sure that a cool breeze will be pushed down while the warm air will be pushed to the ceiling. Installing ceilings in high-traffic areas of your home will make sure it stays cool to your desired temperature.

Seal air leaks

If you’re experiencing air leaks in the summer months, cool air is escaping while warm air enters. This can cause a home to be warm and uncomfortable. To prevent this, caulking doors and windows are necessary.

Sell your home for cash

If repairing and maintaining these essential home systems is out of your budget, sell your home as-is to Best Price Homebuyers. With Best Price Homebuyers we will work with you in any situation to make sure you sell your home for cash. Our process is stress-free and fast. 

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