How to prepare your home for summer and what to do if you can’t afford to: Updated

Summer is here, and with warmer temperatures on the horizon, it is important to make sure your home is properly equipped to handle the summer heat! Keeping the cool temperatures in and the heat out is crucial in making sure your summer can be enjoyed properly. If you discover maintaining your home costs more than it's worth, sell your home for cash to Best Price Homebuyers! 

Prepare your home for summer

Check your thermostat

Getting a cool gust of air when entering your home is not something to take for granted! Make sure your thermostat is functioning properly to ensure your home is cooling at your desired temperature. Test your thermostat to make sure it is working properly by putting it on the AC setting, next turn your thermostat to five degrees cooler than the previous temperature. If you want your home to be able to cool quickly and efficiently, investing in a programmable thermostat is a great option. With a programmable option, you can control the temperature when you are away from home, keep energy bills lower and be more energy efficient.

Replace air filter

To keep your home at its desired temperature, air filters are working overtime. Air filters work fast to collect dust, which causes them to need to be replaced more frequently. Since your home needs to be cooled, air is circulating through the house which spreads more dirt, pollen, mold and mites. Air filters will help collect these particles in the air, but if they aren’t replaced the performance of your AC will suffer.

Update insulation

To keep cold air in and hot air out, you need to check your home's insulation. Not only does insulation help regulate temperatures, but it can also help get rid of humidity in your home. Save the life of your AC unit and decrease the cost of energy bills by looking at the current state of your home's insulation.

Ceiling fan installation

You may already have ceiling fans installed in your home, but making sure they are circulating the right way for proper airflow is crucial! During the summer months, ceiling fans should rotate in a counterclockwise direction. Not sure where to install your ceiling fan? Choose places in your home that are typically high traffic like bedrooms. This will make sure the entire home is able to stay cool. 

Seal air leaks

If warm air is entering your home and cool air is finding its way out, you might want to check seals for air leaks. This will help improve the efficiency of the airflow in your home. To prevent air leaks, replace the caulking in doors and windows. 

Sell your home for cash

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