How to sell a home as-is with mold

Selling a home can be tough, but selling a home with mold can be even more complicated. When telling potential home buyers that your house has a mold source it can cause buyers to look elsewhere and go in with a negative mindset. You can sell your home fast with Best Price Homebuyers we buy houses in Omaha!

What causes mold?

Mold can come from anywhere where water and oxygen are present. Although anywhere in a house can acquire mold, there are a few areas where mold is found more frequently. Bathrooms, kitchens, basements, cabinets, pipes and duct areas are the most common place to accumulate mold. These areas are prone to moisture which is a key element when it comes to mold. A common household area for mold is behind drywall. The wood and cotton can trap moisture and can get away with mold being unseen for a long period of time. Ceiling mold is also common due to a lack of ventilation and the high accumulation of moisture. When certain temperatures are present and there is enough oxygen, mold is able to grow and spread throughout the home. If not treated properly what once was a little problem can grow to become a bigger issue. Sell your home fast with Best Price Homebuyers.


If humidity is common in your area then mold may be a common problem you have to experience. The high moisture content in the air is the main cause and can cause mold to grow on walls, ceilings, dark closets and under the kitchen sink. 

Leaking pipes in a home

Leaky pipes can cause mold sources behind drywall and under sink cupboards. They can also be a contributing factor to ceiling and wall mold. If you see mold in any of these areas be sure to check your pipes for any leaking.

Leaking roof

After a brutal storm or after years of wear and tear, roofs withstand lots of severe weather conditions which can cause mold. A slow leak can be caused and lead to an even worse problem of more moisture being backed up into the ceiling or attic. Mold will eventually appear in walls and ceiling boards.

Why is it a concern?

Some mold can be dangerous, but small amounts are unlikely to be harmful and are more likely to be easily removed from its source. If mold has grown and spread then you have most likely been exposed to it for a longer period of time and it could be more of a health concern. 

Symptoms of being exposed to mold include:

  • Itching watery eyes

  • Sneezing

  • Cough

  • Runny nose

  • Headaches 

  • Difficulty breathing 

How to prevent it?

Mold is caused by high levels of moisture in the air. Controlling and keeping an eye on the humidity of your house is essential. To do this make sure your AC unit is working properly, set to the correct temperature, is cycling off periodically, blows cold air and has clean coils. It is also important to remember to shut any open windows and doors when the AC is on. This doesn’t only waste money, but it lets the humid air into your air-conditioned home which causes condensation. Don’t mess with the thermostat! During the hot summers set it at a comfortable and cool temperature for the size of your home. 

Sell your home fast

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