How to sell a home as-is without a patio

Having an outdoor space at your home is an attractive feature to have that can also add value to your property. If your home doesn’t have a patio, it can be costly to install one. We’re here to help you decide if adding a patio to your house is worth the price tag or if you should sell your sell your home fast instead. 

What is a patio?

If you love basking in the sun or eating meals outside, a patio is a great feature for you to have. Patio is a Spanish word that means the courtyard of your building. Patios are found to be adjacent to your home and are located on the ground floor. They are usually constructed of either concrete or gravel and do not consist of any walls.

Do patios add value to your home?

Adding a patio to your home can increase your home’s value. The overall installation of a patio can cost around $3,000, but doing this would increase the value of your home by approximately $3,500, which is a 109% return on investment. The overall location, type of patio and buyer demand at the time of your home selling will really be the determining factor of the value. 

The type of patio you choose ultimately depends on price point and durability. The most cost-effective surface to choose is gravel. For DIY-ers who want to take this project on themselves, gravel is generally easy to install and is an inexpensive material. Concrete is also one of the most popular and most affordable material options for a patio. It will last longer and requires less maintenance than gravel. Pavement is another material that can be used, which also has several options to choose from. Other more expensive options include tile, flagstone, clay bricks and sand.

How to sell your home as-is?

Home updates aren’t always in the cards for everyone, especially when you need to move as soon as possible. Don’t get buried in home renovation projects, sell your home as-is to Best Price Homebuyers instead! 

Sell your house fast

Patios can be a nice feature to have, but they are not absolutely necessary in order to sell your home. Sell your house fast to Best Priced Homebuyers. When you sell your property for cash, you will receive an offer in as little as 24 hours! We will buy your house and make it a simple and stress-free process. Contact us today and request a cash offer.