How to sell a house with wind damage

It’s officially storm season. If you live in the midwest, you’re well aware of what to expect when it comes to weather. Hail, rain, tornadoes and wind are all weather conditions that come to mind when we think of spring. When damage strikes your house, what does it look like, and how do you sell your house? Find out how to sell my house as-is even with the worst storm damage.

Common wind damage

High wind speeds can cause damage to your home. Whether it’s directly to your home or the landscaping, it’s important to be able to identify damage and know how to prevent and fix it. 


The roofs of our houses are the most vulnerable to wind damage and is the most common during high winds. Roofs are most likely to be damaged along the edges or in areas where the shingles are already loose. During high winds, we all hope for some minor shingle damage however, in cases of extreme weather, roofs can be completely disconnected from a house. 


When strong wind occurs, shingles can be blown off the roof deck. Missing shingles can lead to many issues. Leaks and interior damage of your home are common issues that can happen, if the adhesive seal is worn then water leaks are especially common. Another sign of shingles being damaged is if you can hear or see them flapping in the wind. To work properly shingles must be sealed to the roof.


A high force wind is able to break a window. Window seals can become loose and when a strong wind hits, the vibrations can cause cracking. When a window seal breaks air and water is let into the home. Unsecured windows are the most likely to break and cause glass to shatter and enter your home.


After a big storm, it’s not uncommon to see a couple of trees and tree limbs scattered across yards or streets. Trees can also fall on roofs causing damage to roofs, windows and shingles. Depending on the size of the tree determines the amount of damage caused. A simple breaking of a branch can sometimes do minimal damage during a storm.

How to sell your home as-is

Has your home experienced wind or storm damage? Selling your home may seem impossible with the amount of damage and repairs that need to be done, but you can sell your home to Best Priced Homebuyers. When you sell your home to Best Priced Homebuyers you can sell your home as-is and receive a cash offer in as little as 24 hours. No matter the impact of storm damage, we will look at your house, have an offer, and can do an all-cash closing in as little as a week.

Sell my house as-is

There are no repairs and no cleaning required when selling your house to Best Priced Homebuyers. Contact us today and request a cash offer to sell my house as-is.