How to sell an abandoned house

Did you have to leave your house behind due to a financial or legal problem? Has it been months or maybe years since you have last stepped foot in that house? It might be time to consider selling that abandoned property. Our team has created a helpful guide to selling abandoned houses in Omaha. 

What is an abandoned house?

The term an abandoned house is used to describe a vacant property that has been neglected and turned over to the state. Many of these properties are abandoned due to foreclosure, bankruptcy or other legal and financial reasons. Since no one is living in these houses, they are usually in major need of repairs. 

Why should you sell your abandoned property?

If you know that your property is abandoned, you should consider getting it sold to relieve yourself and your neighbors some headaches. Here are some reasons why people should consider selling abandoned houses. 

Increases safety in the neighborhood 

One of the major problems about leaving a house vacant is that it can pose a safety threat to a neighborhood. Abandoned houses are linked to increased crime rates. People can make their way into these vacant properties and use them for various reasons. Selling that abandoned property can help keep the neighborhood safe. 

Saves you money and time on renovations 

Abandoned properties can be left with no one living in them for months or even years. Without regular maintenance, the property may be in need of major repairs. It might need a new roof, floors, paint or driveway, just to name a few of the common repairs abandoned houses need. 

Not to mention, if someone got into the abandoned home, it might have holes or graffiti over the walls that need to be fixed. Selling the property can help you save money on making renovations.

Increases the property value of homes in the neighborhood

A recent report has found that abandoned houses decrease the value of properties in the neighborhood. In fact, houses without an abandoned property in the neighborhood were valued seven percent higher than homes near an abandoned property. Selling your property so it can get repaired and occupied can help increase the value of your neighbor’s homes. 

How to sell an abandoned house

If you have decided it is time to sell your abandoned property, sell it to a company that buys houses. This kind of company can give you cash for your home, no matter its conditions. Some reasons why people prefer selling abandoned houses through this method is because it is fast, requires no repairs and closing costs. 

How it works is you contact a company that buys houses, like Best Price Homebuyers. One of our team members will schedule a showing to see your house. Once we have seen your property, we will give you a cash offer. You can accept or decline this offer. If you accept the offer, we can close whenever you are ready. 

The best way of selling abandoned houses!

If you are looking for a fast and easy way to sell your home, contact us. We are a local business that has been helping homeowners get their homes sold for cash since 2019. Contact us to get started.