How to sell your home as-is with a cracked driveway

Your home's curb appeal is everything, and the cracked driveway in front of your home can be a big eyesore. Homes with a cracked driveway can take longer to sell because homeowners have to love the outside of the home before they even step foot inside. There are many pros to updating your driveway, but you don’t have to with Best Price Homebuyers! We buy houses for cash Omaha, find out how to sell your home as-is, flaws and all, and how to get a cash offer fast.

What causes cracks?

Freeze and thaw cycle

If heavy rain, snowfall and water are being absorbed by your driveway it freezes and expands, which can cause stress in the concrete and lead to cracks. With heat, the driveway expands, this also causes the driveway to crack.

Excess weight

Parking too many vehicles in the driveway can put lots of pressure on the driveway and cause cracks. Concrete and asphalt do have weight limits. After heavy rainfall, the ground underneath the driveway is soft and can lead to cracks.

Poor base and foundation installation

The base or foundation is what supports the driveway and helps take on a majority of the weight. If this is not installed properly, then cracks can appear quickly. Tightly packed crushed stone or gravel is the typical base of a driveway.


If there is a space underneath the driveway, cracks can occur. In instances where a tree is removed, that can cause access space within the foundation. When a driveway has constant vehicles on and off and the overall weight of the driveway on the foundation, the ground tries to fill the space by shifting resulting in cracks.

Tree roots

Underneath your driveway tree roots can be found to grow and expand, which can cause cracking on the driveway surface. The cracks appear to help relieve pressure due to the base and foundation layers being pushed upwards.

Should you fix it or leave it?

When it comes to selling your home, it’s all about curb appeal. A house might be at the top of a buyer's list, but it has a cracked driveway and their second option has all of its concrete intact. Driveway repairs can be pricey, but the payoff can be worth it. Your home's value can go up with the installation of a new driveway or repair. This would be another benefit to market to potential homebuyers. Short-term options to fix your driveway include caulking the cracks in your driveway. This can last for a short amount of time but might not be the most appealing to potential homebuyers. If these options aren’t getting your house off the market, sell your home as-is to Best Price Homebuyers! We buy houses for cash in Omaha and will get you a cash offer in as little as 24 hours.

We buy houses for cash Omaha

Best Priced Homebuyers will buy your home as-is no matter the condition, no repairs are needed. When you sell your property for cash, you will receive a cash offer in as little as 24 hours! We will buy your house and make it a simple and stress-free process. Forget inspections and realtors, and make cash fast! Contact us today and request a cash offer.