How to sell your home as-is with outdated flooring

When looking to update your home before selling, curb appeal is often the first thing that is taken into consideration. Floors aren’t typically thought of as something that should be replaced or that will add a considerable amount of value to a home. There are, however, certain types of flooring that get you the most bang for your buck when making updates to your home. If updating your floors is simply not in the cards for you, you can also sell your home fast for cash.

Different types of flooring

Before going through the process of ripping up and replacing your outdated flooring here are the different types of hardwood flooring you should consider. These floors will not only look stylish but add value to your home.

Solid hardwood flooring

It can be pretty easy to trick the eye into believing that fake wood is hardwood flooring, but fake wood does not have the same long-term quality as the real thing. This type of flooring is literally made from a solid piece of wood and you can choose from a variety of types of wood. This makes it a great choice for those who want a unique look, as different woods have unique coloring and grain patterns. Popular types of wood include oak, hickory, maple and pine. A lot of people love hardwood flooring because it can improve indoor air quality due to the fact that it doesn't trap allergens. This flooring is also great for families because of its long-lasting durability. Installing hardwood flooring can increase the value of your home more than any other flooring option. Hardwood can be commonly found in living rooms, bedrooms, hallways and dining rooms. 

Engineered hardwood

This flooring is also made from real wood but consists of layers. The top layer is cut from a high-quality piece of hardwood like oak or maple. When renovating the flooring, this is a popular option over hardwood due to its affordability and the fact that it still adds significant value to your home. Engineered hardwood can be easily sanded down and refinished. It is found to better withstand bathrooms and kitchens because it is less prone to water damage than hardwood flooring. Engineered hardwood can be found throughout an entire house, but it will most likely need more maintenance and care to be kept in proper condition. 


Laminate is not real wood, but in comparison to hardwood and engineered wood flooring, it is a cost-effective way to achieve the real wood look on a budget. Laminate flooring is a hassle-free way of installing what appears to be hardwood flooring. This flooring is made of foam padding, fiberboard, and decorative wood grain paper and is finished with a protective overlay, making it easy to take care of. Some laminate looks better than others depending on how realistic you intend it to look. Laminate flooring is able to be installed over existing flooring which saves you money by avoiding the demolition of the previous floor. 

Sell your home fast for cash

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