How to sell your home as-is without central AC

Window units and ceiling fans may not be the most appealing form of air conditioning to potential buyers. They want a sure and easy way to cool their future home in the hot summer months and the convenience of central AC is the way to go. When looking to sell your home take into consideration the cost of installing a central air conditioning unit or selling your house as it. Find out if making the upgrade is worth it for your home or if you should sell your home for cash!

What is central air conditioning?

Central air conditioning is a whole-home air conditioning system. This system is able to cool an entire home by pulling in hot air and expelling cool air. When looking to upgrade your home to central AC, there are two packages to keep in mind; split systems and packaged systems. A split system includes both the indoor and outdoor AC unit while the packaged system includes a single outdoor AC unit.

Costs of installation

During the hot summer days, you might be wishing you had central AC installed in your home no matter the price. An average central AC unit can cost around 5K to install, with smaller systems running about $3,800 and larger systems around $7,500. There are many factors to consider when choosing which system you want to install. The unit type, size, energy efficiency and layout of your home are all important to know when it comes time to purchase your new unit. 

Does it add value to your home?

Your overall property value is projected to increase by ten percent when a central AC unit is installed, but that also depends on the property’s desirability. The location of the property and what the buyer is looking for will determine how much value adding a central AC unit will bring to your home.

Sell your home for cash

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