How to sell your home when you have a messy neighbor

Being a homeowner is a lot of responsibility. You have to make sure the grass is cut and snow is shoveled. However, some people tend to ignore this aspect of being a homeowner. You might already know someone if you live next to a messy neighbor.

Over the years, you might have learned how to live with messy neighbors. However, if you plan on selling your home soon, it could be a problem. One thing that home buyers do not want to see is a neighborhood that has messy neighbors. Here is why you should sell property fast for cash if you do not have the cleanest neighbors.

How do messy neighbors decrease your home's value?

When you are planning to sell your home the traditional method, you need to find out the value of your home. This process is done by hiring an appraiser or local real estate agent. During their appraisal process, they will look at the homes in your neighborhood. 

If these houses around your home are in poor conditions, then your home's value decreases. Potential buyers might get too distracted by your neighbors' mess that they will lose interest in your home. The Appraisal Institute reports that having a bad neighbor, like one with a mess, can reduce your home's value by 10 percent.  

How to sell your home when you have a messy neighbor

Ask neighbors if you can help clean up

Maintaining a home is a lot of work, especially when homeowners are older or sick. They might not be physically capable of doing yard work on their own. And hiring someone to do their yard work might be out of budget. So if your neighbor is old or sick, then consider asking if you can lend a helping hand. Express to them that you want the neighborhood to look good, so you can get your home sold faster. 

Contact the landlord 

If your neighbors are renters, then you should contact the property’s landlord. Most renters have agreed to maintain the interior and exterior of the house in a certain condition. If this agreement is broken, landlords can step in and take action. Sometimes landlords might hire professionals to take care of the property or take a more serious step with tenants. Tenants can be taken to court for eviction if their negligence to cleanliness interferes with overall safety to other tenants or neighbors.

Sell property for cash

A quicker way to sell your home is by going the alternative route and selling your house for cash. You can sell your home to a company that buys houses and avoid the whole listing process. You will not have to ask your neighbors to clean their home so you can list your property.

This process consists of you contacting the company, scheduling a house showing and receiving an offer. These companies do not ask you to make any repairs or ask you to pay extra fees. So you can rest assured that you will get more money for your property. 

Are you ready to sell property fast for cash?

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