How to sell your home when you have to relocate

 Packing up and moving to relocate is never a fun task. Oftentimes, relocating can be a surprise to homeowners and they have to figure out how to sell their home for cash fast. Some may resort to listing their house on the market and trusting a real estate agent in selling their home for them, but selling as-is might be a better option! Our team wants to help you make this transition easy and stress-free. Find out how to sell your house due to relocation with Best Price Homebuyers.

Reasons why people relocate

Not everyone wants to pack up their entire house and move across the country, but some couldn’t think of anything better to do! Some are in search of a better neighborhood or home. The prospect of even being able to own and put equity into something rather than renting is becoming more appealing to people as well. The main reasons why people move include:

  • Newer or more appealing home

  • New job or being transferred 

  • Buying a house instead of renting

  • Establishing their own household

  • More affordable housing 

  • Closer to work

  • Safer community

Pros and cons of selling your home through a realtor vs cash buyer

It’s crunch time when it comes time to decide how you’re going to sell your home. When relocating, it depends on the time frame you're given and how long you have to sell your home. There are typically two routes to go when selling your home, through a realtor or a cash buyer. Our team is going to go through both options and help you determine which option works best for you.


If you aren’t pressed for time, a real estate agent can be a good resource. They can have good connections and resources when it comes to selling your home. The cons of choosing a realtor are the extra fees and long process that ensues. There are inspections, showings and closing steps that have to be completed before the sale and closing of your house can be completed. This can take several weeks or even months. If you’re short on time, this option might not work best for you and your lifestyle.

Cash buyer

Relocation can put you in a stressful situation, if you find yourself having to sell your home fast, selling your home to a cash buyer is your best option. Selling your home as-is allows you to sell your home in its current condition, damages and all. Your home will require zero repairs and no renovation process is needed. This is also a more flexible option when selling when it comes to timelines. Companies oftentimes allow you to choose the closing date and at the time of close you receive a cash offer. 

Selling house due to relocation

Selling a house due to relocation can be stressful! Best Price Homebuyers is here to help with our easy and stress-free process. We’re located in Omaha, NE, and we will give you a cash offer for your home as-is! Our process is fast and you will receive a cash offer in as little as 24 hours. Contact us today to get started.