How to sell your home with storm damage

Storms occur when you least expect them and can cause severe damage to homes. This damage can go unnoticed to homeowners for many years until serious problems start to appear. You might not even think about storm damage until it is time to sell your home.

Having unfixed severe storm damage on your property can cause you serious problems when trying to sell it. That is why the company that buys homes in Omaha wants to share with you some of the issues storms may cause and how to sell your property with storm damage.  

Types of damage that storms may cause to your home

Siding damage

The siding on the house does more than making it look pretty. Your home’s siding is there to protect your home from weather such as rain, snow and wind. Not to mention, it keeps your home insulated, so it stays warm or cold when it needs to be. 

However, due to harsh winds or hail, your home’s siding can get ripped off or cracked. Not fixing your home’s siding after the damage may cause severe problems to your home. It can cause water damage, insect infestation and insulation problems. 

Roof damage 

A house’s roof provides protection from the elements - like sunlight, rain, snow and hail. Due to storms with large hail and strong winds, your home’s roof may end up getting damaged and lose a couple of shingles. 

Losing shingles from your roof will end up leaving your home vulnerable to the elements. Missing or damaged shingles allow water to seep into the roof or cause other shingles to fall

Fixing these problems can help you prevent water damage but can cost you a pretty penny. The average cost of roof repairs ranges around $950. If your roof needs to be replaced, it can cost between $5,100 and $10,000. 

Gutter damage 

The gutters around your home catch the falling rainwater and direct it away from your home’s foundation. Redirecting rainwater away from your foundation is critical to not have foundation issues down the road. Strong winds and hail may seriously damage your home’s gutter system. 

If the water is not redirected properly, it can cause water to seep into your foundation and cause it to crack. These cracks can let water seep into your home, cause framing issues and problems with doors and windows. 

The estimated cost of fixing gutters from hail damage is between $175 to $550. However, if your home needs completely new gutters, that can average out to be $3,000

How to sell your home with storm damage

Does the home you are selling have any of the storm damage listed above? Can you not afford to fix those issues? If you said yes to both questions, know that you have several options for selling your home without making repairs. You can sell the house as-is or sell it to a company that buys houses in Omaha. 

Selling your house as-is means you are selling the property in its current condition without making repairs before closing. Listing your property as-is can be done with or without a real estate agent. When selling your house as-is, homebuyers will request a home inspection to learn all the issues it needs. 

One major downside is that homebuyers will try to negotiate a lower asking price since the property will need repairs. You might end up losing money. 

Selling your house to a company that buys houses in Omaha means what the term implies. A company will buy your home as-is for cash. This option is ideal for those who want to sell their house fast without hiring a real estate agent. This company will just ask for a home showing and then give you a cash offer for your home. There is no need to make repairs or pay closing costs. 

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