How to sell your house after an electrical fire

Electrical sources should be inspected in houses to ease the mind of any potential electrical problems. Here are common types of electrical fire causes and damages. If you experience any of these issues, find out how to sell my house as-is with Best Price Homebuyers. 

Causes of electrical fire

Electrical fires can be caused by a lack of maintenance and overloading of electrical outlets and extension cords. This can be especially prominent in the winter months when space heaters make a big appearance in homes. Here are five common causes of electrical fires in a home.

Faulty electrical outlets and old appliances

Keep an eye out for cords that appear to be frayed or worn. An appliance that has a frayed or worn cord can generate heat which can ignite surfaces causing them to catch fire.

Overloading light fixtures

A lamp with a high wattage light bulb that is not designed for it can cause electrical fires. Install bulbs that are within the recommended wattage.

Placing flammable material near light fixtures

Avoid placing cloth or paper materials over a lampshade. The heat from the light bulb can heat the material and cause it to catch fire.

Extension cords

Extension cords can’t be used for everything! Large appliances shouldn’t be plugged into an extension cord, but should only be plugged into an outlet. If one isn’t near the appliance to be plugged in, one can be installed.

Space heaters

Combustible surfaces should be kept away from space heaters. If they can be avoided, coil space heaters shouldn’t be used and soft heat electric heaters should be used instead.

Old wiring

Homes that are older than 20 years old, should be checked to see if they have the capabilities to handle today's energy-intensive homes. Outdated breaker boxes can have worn connectors that don’t work which can cause the system to overload.

How to prevent electrical fires

Unplug appliances when not in use

If heat-generated appliances are left plugged in for a long period of time, it can cause them to malfunction. To prevent electrical fires unplug any curling irons, toasters and any other hot appliance when you’re not using it.

Only use extension cords temporarily

Extension cords should only be used temporarily and not as a long-term solution. If outlets aren’t close to your designated appliance, they can be installed by a professional.

Don’t plug-in devices with damaged cords

If a cord appears to be frayed, cracked, or is loose from the outlet, get a replacement or have it repaired before using it again.

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