Sell a vacant house as-is

A vacant or unwanted house isn’t going to do you much good by just sitting there empty. Vacant properties can often be more work than they are worth due to the possible damage and lack of upkeep that they have endured. Our team at Best Price Homebuyers wants to inform you of your options when it comes to your vacant property and how you can sell my house fast in Omaha.

What is a vacant house?

In order for a house to be considered vacant, it has to meet specific criteria. Nobody should be occupying the property and the house needs to be empty most of the time. There’s a difference between a vacant house and a house with “intent to return.” Some people may own another property that they only occupy for a couple of months out of the year; that home isn’t considered vacant. When there is no intent to return to the house, it would meet the criteria for a vacant property. 

Liabilities of vacant homes

If a home is left vacant for too long, there can be several liabilities that can accumulate. One of which is adverse possession or squatter’s rights. This is when a person moves into a property without the owner knowing. This person then can claim this property as their own and it is considered to be legal, although there are criteria that need to be met based on what state the property resides in. 

Vacant properties can also be susceptible to real estate scams. These properties will be discovered and scammers will attempt to sell or rent out the property. In this case, the scammer will take photos of the property and even go as far as to create an ad to get the word out. The scammer will then collect money for the property and run leaving the buyer out of money.

How to sell a vacant home

Vacant homes can be less than appealing when trying to sell. These properties are often in poor condition due to vandalization, code violations or being broken into. Rehabbing an abandoned property can be expensive and very time-consuming. This might require an investor depending on the project size and cost. If you want to get money fast, selling the property as-is to a home-buying company like Best Price Homebuyers is your best option. 

Sell as-is

It is easier to sell a vacant property as-is than one might think! When you sell your property to Best Price Homebuyers, you act as the seller, which allows you to avoid pesky realtor fees. Vacant properties can have quite a bit of damage, but no worries! No repairs or cleaning is needed to sell us your home. We will buy your property as-is with no inspection or repairs required. 

Sell my house fast in Omaha

You have home-selling solutions when you work with Best Price Homebuyers! Receive a cash offer within 24 hours and get cash in your hands in as little as seven days. Contact us today to sell my house fast in Omaha.