Sell home as-is with sewage problems

Sewage problems are the last thing anyone wants to deal with. Not only does it cause a huge mess, but it is also a biohazard and can be a pain to remove from whatever it touches. Unlike some home repairs, this one is probably best left to the professionals. Find out what causes a sewer backup, the different types of sewage problems that cause damage to your home and how to get cash for houses near me.

What causes sewer problems?

Blocked or clogged pipes

Drains in your home can easily get clogged with things like hair, grease or soap residue. The same can happen with your main sewer line. When a clog or blockage occurs in your sewer line, it can cause sewage to backup into drains in your home. This can start from a single drain then multiply and cause a mess in your home due to restricted water flow. 

Tree roots

Tree roots are another common cause of sewer line blockage. When trees continue to grow, they pose a risk of blocking your sewer line. Tree roots are naturally attracted to water and nutrients that are found in sewer lines. If they aren’t caught in time, they will continue to grow and make matters worse. Older homes are the most susceptible to this issue as they usually have clay piping. Trees’ roots have the ability to grow into cracks and holes that are found in the pipes and cause blockage. This issue can still happen even if your property doesn’t have trees. Your neighbor's tree roots can grow and reach your sewer line. 

Damaged sewer pipes

Improper installation of sewer pipes can lead to sewer waste build-up or back-up in the future. Installation of pipes should be left to professionals and not a homeowner. Nature can also cause issues with your pipes; earthquakes and the shifting ground can damage your pipes and cause them to crack or break.

Heavy rainfall

Unlike public sewer systems, your home’s pipes cannot keep up with heavy rainfall all at once. When heavy rainfall accumulates, it can overload your sewage system and cause it to back-up into your home. If you live in an area that is susceptible to flooding or heavy rainfall, this is something to be aware of. 

Municipal sewer problems

Sometimes your sewer pipes are not the only issue causing backups. Municipal sewer problems can be blocked, which can lead to a backup in your home. These problems, unfortunately, are out of your control. Reaching out to the municipality when you notice signs of backup or water is important in preventing any more damage. 

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