Sell your home as-is with window damage

When potential buyers look at buying a house, windows are often the first thing they inspect to determine the value of the home. Cracks, drafts or even missing windows could be make-or-break factors for a potential buyer. Our team at Best Price Homebuyers is here to help! Find out the common causes of window damage and the different types of window damage. If you can’t afford to make repairs, find out how to sell your home as-is with the best cash home buyers.

What causes window damage?

When selling your home, the hope is that everything is up to par and buyers will approve of your home's current state. If your home’s windows appear to be damaged, it can be caused by a multitude of factors such as temperature and climate. If you live in an area where temperatures often fluctuate, it can impact your windows which can lead to cracks. Stress cracks are smaller cracks that start around the edge of the window and window frame. These cracks can grow and continue to form if they aren’t repaired. Pressure cracks are found on insulated or double-pane windows. 

Types of window damage?

Foggy windows

Foggy windows can be an issue aesthetically, and they can also cause issues over time and lead to view obstruction. This window damage is caused by condensation or moisture that gets caught in between the glass layers. A failed seal can be the main cause of moisture getting between the glass layers. 

Cracked or broken windows

There are many things that can crack or break a window. A tree branch can fall from a storm, a bird can run into your window or a baseball can miss a glove and instead hit the glass. Whatever causes the damage, a potential buyer can instantly be turned off from putting in an offer on your home if the windows are cracked or broken. 

Drafty windows

If you noticed your energy bills going up, then you might want to check your windows for drafts. Single pane windows are notorious for letting cold air into your home during the winter months while also letting out cooler air during the summer months.

Moldy windows

Not only are moldy windows unappealing to look at, but they can get worse over time if not properly cleaned. Mold can be caused by condensation, drafty windows or broken seals. If mold is found around your windows, a potential buyer might assume that mold might be elsewhere in the home as well.

Unsecure windows

Windows shouldn’t be effortless to open. If your windows are unable to latch or lock, this could cause buyers to be weary of the security of the property. This can also cause energy efficiency issues. If windows can’t close properly, warm and cool air can be let out easily.

Best cash home buyers

If your window damage is too far beyond repair, don’t worry! You have options! Best Price Homebuyers will buy your house as-is with no repairs required. Work with the best cash home buyers and contact us today to sell your home for cash quickly with the best cash home buyers.