Sell your home as-is without landscaping

We’ve all seen them, the houses with overgrown lawns or dead flowers that just aren’t doing them any favors. Curb appeal is important to consider when selling your home. You should try and do everything in your power to make your home seem well-kept and attractive to potential buyers. If time, money and resources are tight, don’t worry, you have options! Our team has laid out how to know if landscaping would add value to your home or if you would be better to sell your home fast for cash.

What is landscaping?

The goal of landscaping is to enhance the aesthetic appeal of your outdoor space. As such, landscaping can apply to any of these three categories: plants, terrain and structures. To upgrade the appearance of your home's landscaping you can add ornamental, native or edible plants. Terrain can also be transformed by changing the shape of the area through grading, backfilling, mounding or terracing. Adding structures to your landscaping, such as fences, patios walls and decks, is also a good option.

Does it add value?

When selling a home, the inside of the home is just as important as the outside. Cutting corners on landscaping isn’t recommended, as landscaping can increase a home's value by 15%. Whether your budget is big or small, there are a variety of different landscaping options you can add to your home to build its value. These include:

Planting trees

Adding some foliage to your landscaping can easily increase the value of your home. When planting trees, make sure you are weary of placement to avoid root damage to the home's foundation or the possibility of falling branches. Planting trees can increase your home’s value up to $9,000 if done correctly.

Updating the front walkway

Curb appeal is everything. When a potential homebuyer comes to visit your home, the front walkway will be one of the first impressions they have of your home. Set the tone for your home by cleaning up and decorating your front walkway. Plant flowers or install lighting to make your home stand out.

Maintain the lawn

This is a simple fix, but it shouldn’t be overlooked! Mowing your lawn is a simple way to make your home look well-kept and be more desirable to potential buyers. Take it a step further by pulling weeds and sprucing up the garden to see a dramatic difference.

Landscape lighting

Adding lighting to your landscaping sounds simple, but it really elevates the look of your home. This can increase the value of your home by one to three percent. 

Fire pit

A fire pit is a popular amenity that can be a big asset to home landscaping. On average, a fire pit can cost around $700. Depending on the materials used, this can be a fairly inexpensive project to complete that has a great payoff.

Sell home fast for cash

Paying for home improvements isn’t in everyone's budget. If landscaping isn’t in the cards for you, then you can sell your home fast for cash to Best Priced Homebuyers. When you sell your property for cash, you will receive an offer in as little as 24 hours! We will buy your house and make it a simple and stress-free process. Contact us today and request a cash offer.