Sell your vacation home as-is

A home away from home is a luxury not everyone gets to enjoy, but that luxury comes with a price. There are  expenses, upkeep and repairs that can cause property owners to have second thoughts about owning a vacation home. Find out if it’s time to give up your vacation home and sell as-is or if it’s worth it to keep your home away from home just a little while longer. Find out how to sell your vacation home as-is with Best Price Homebuyers.

What is a vacation home?

A vacation home is another property that someone has alongside a primary residence that is used for recreational purposes. There are typically two types of vacation homes, owner-occupied or non-owner-occupied.

An owner-occupied vacation home is a property that the owner occupies half of the time and the rest of the time rents it out to others for up to 30 days per rental period. 

Non-owner-occupied homes are those that the owner doesn’t live at and chooses to rent out at least once per year to others for up to 30 days per rental period.

Signs it’s time to sell

Sometimes having a vacation home sounds good in theory but can be more work than it’s worth. Everyone likes the sound of having a second property in another destination to make family vacations more accessible. Find out if having a vacation home is worth it for you or if it’s better to pass. When thinking about selling, you can either list or sell your vacation home as-is.

End of lifecycle

Property owners typically own vacation homes for up to five or more years. After the 10-year mark, they are likely to sell. The main purpose for which they bought the property becomes less demanding and selling becomes the best option.

Income and expenses

Lots of owners make their decisions based on the cash flow that the property brings in. If a vacation home is becoming more and more expensive to maintain and isn’t bringing in an income, then many decide it is no longer worth it to keep the property.

Favorable market

Consider where your vacation home is located and how the market is performing. If your property is located in a warmer climate, sell in the warmer months to get the best results! You should also consider looking into when the real estate market is the hottest in the area and sell then. Listing your property can be quite a hassle, but selling your vacation home as-is is a great option for those who want an easy and stress-free process that will get you cash fast.

Sell your vacation home as-is

Selling your home as-is isn’t as hard as you might think. With Best Price Homebuyers we do all of the heavy lifting. Contact us and we will inspect your property and you will receive an offer within 24 hours. You pick the timeline for closing your home and receive cash at the time of closing.

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