The costs of showing your home

The process of showing your home can get potential buyers into your home, but it can also wrack up unnecessary costs. If you’re trying to move quickly, home showings won’t speed up the process. If you have a home that needs repairs, showing your home can be a costly and time-consuming project. The constant repairs add up in hopes that a potential buyer will make an offer. Find out the best option for you, a traditional showing, or to sell my house fast for cash.

Traditional showing process

During a traditional home showing, this is an opportunity for potential buyers to visit your home and see every nook and cranny your property has to offer. This part of the home selling process can be a lot of work. You’re trying to sell your home and give buyers a good first impression of your home, so keeping your home clean and ready to be shown at a moment’s notice are some of the demands that come with the process.


In order to sell your house, you have to get comfortable with the idea that it might cost a pretty penny. There are fees on top of fees, and some you might not even be aware of when first thinking of selling your home. There is a percentage of the sale price that goes towards selling costs which include: 

Real estate agent commissions: 5.8%

When looking to hire an agent to help sell your home, it is important to be aware that roughly 5.8% of the sale goes towards commission. This commission covers the listing of your home and the potential buyer’s agent fees.

Staging and preparation: 1-4%

The presentation of your home is one of the most important parts. It’s what makes a potential buyer picture themself in the home and fall in love with the property. A total remodel of rooms isn’t necessary when it comes to showing your home, but around 50-70% of your budget should be allocated to renovations.

Inspections, cleaning and repairs: Can vary 

Inspections can happen before listing your home and are often known for delaying the process and comes with various fees.

Cleaning and repairs can help add resell value to your home. An important thing to remember during this process is that buyers want to be able to picture what their life might look like in your home. This makes it necessary to get rid of clutter and anything that can be distracting or make rooms appear smaller. Cleaning and repairs are also suggested to give the home a fresh feel. Painting walls with a neutral color, deep cleaning floors, and making and repairs that a buyer might notice can help get your home off the market quicker. 

Title, settlement and taxes: 1-3%

Fees such as transferring ownership of the house are the seller’s responsibility. Title fees protect the lender and buyer if an issue arises after the purchase is completed, these fees can range from 0.5-1%. When it comes time to close on the house, settlement fees go towards the title or escrow company, or the attorney who does the property's closing process. 

Depending on your location, paying a transfer tax might be an additional cost. This is determined based on the value of your home and the state, city or county where you reside. The transfer tax covers the cost of transferring the deed to the new owners, which the seller is responsible for paying.

Best Price Homebuyers Inspection process

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Sell my house fast for cash

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