What does selling your home as-is mean?

Is your home in need of a major renovation before selling it? Do you lack the time and money to make those repairs? The good news is you have the option of selling your home as-is. 

This is a secret that many homeowners are unaware of when it comes to selling their homes. To help you through the “sell my house as is” process, our team has outlined this guide to selling as-is and when you should consider this option.

What does it mean to “sell a home as-is”?

To sell a house as-is means that the property is being sold in its current condition, and the seller will not make any repairs. Properties sold like this usually have a number of repairs that need to be made. 

In a traditional house selling process, the buyer may negotiate repairs with the seller to get those repairs made before closing. The seller may then decide to make those repairs or lower the asking price of the home. 

When to sell your home as-is

Your home needs major repairs.

Maintaining a home is expensive. Due to weather, accidents, pests or time, you may have needed to make repairs to keep your home healthy. Whether it was lack of time or your financial situation, you may not have gotten those repairs done on time and caused them to get worse gradually. Many homeowners ask themselves, can I sell my home without making repairs? The answer is yes, by selling your house as-is.

You need to sell your home fast. 

Are you relocating for your job and need to sell your house? Or maybe you found your perfect dream home and need to move in fast? You have the option of selling your house as-is. This option lets you skip those time-consuming repairs, open houses and staging. You can get your home sold even faster by choosing a cash buyer

You want to save money.

The selling process of a house can be just as expensive as the buying process. Bankrate states that selling a house can consume up to 10 percent of a house’s final selling price. Where does all that money go? Sellers have to consider the real estate agent commission fees, home repairs buyers might request, the cost of a pre-sale home inspection, home staging and closing costs. 

How to sell my house as is 

If selling your house as-is sounds like something you want to do, you have the option of selling it to a cash buyer, like Best Price Homebuyers. Selling your house to one of these buyers saves you the time and money of making those repairs. Plus, you get a cash offer for your house.

How it works is you schedule a home showing, and then they will give a cash offer, typically within 24 hours. They do not require a home inspection and will make a cash offer no matter the home’s condition. You will not have to pay closing costs or hidden fees. Once you accept the offer, you can close the sale in as little as seven days. 

Who do I call to sell my house as is

Give Best Price Homebuyers a call! We buy single-family and multifamily homes no matter what condition they are in. Our team buys houses with fire, termite, water, siding or roof damage. Call us to get your cash offer.