Can I sell my house that has a leaky roof in the winter?

Winter is in full swing. With the cold weather, a lot of home problems may begin to arise, especially if you skipped out on winterizing your home. Preparing your home for the winter prevents frozen pipes, saves you money on your energy bills and even stops a leaky roof. 

These home problems can cost homeowners thousands of dollars down the road and make selling their homes difficult. So what should you do if your home’s roof leaks during the winter? 

Our team has outlined some common reasons why your home’s roof might leak and what is the best way of selling your house as is

Causes of a leaky roof in the winter 

Ice dams 

Ice dams are ice blocks that form at the edge of your home’s roof and prevent melting snow from making its way off the roof. The water that gets stuck behind this ice dam may start to leak into your home and cause interior water damage. The cost of removing an ice dam averages somewhere between $400 to $2,000. Not to mention, there are additional costs for fixing the water damage left behind. 

Clogged gutters

Another cause of your home's leaky roof during the winter is clogged gutters. If you did not remove any debris, dead leaves or branches from your gutters, those items might prevent water from leaving the roof. 

The cost of unclogging gutters typically ranges from $118 to $225. However, the cost of getting your gutters cleaned may increase depending on how many levels a house has. It is also important to note that clogged gutters can cause foundation damage, structural problems, mold and mildew.  

Attic condensation 

Sometimes the cause of a leaky roof during the winter is not your home’s roof but rather the attic. Attic condensation can form when the warm, moist air from the house rises to the attic and meets the cold roof. This action causes frost to form that eventually melts and causes water damage. 

Attic condensation occurs due to poor attic insulation and/or ventilation, improperly vented bathrooms or dryer exhausts, and fractures in water pipes. The cost of fixing this issue depends on its stage. Early attic condensation can cost below $500.

How to sell a house with a leaky roof

If you have noticed that your home has any of the issues listed above and you plan on selling it, consider selling your house for cash to a company that buys houses. This selling option gives you the opportunity of selling your house as is, which means you do not need to make any repairs. 

It can save you the cost of having to repair the damage left behind from ice dams, clogged gutters or attic condensation. Plus, selling your house as is for cash is a fast process. All you need to do is contact a company, schedule a house showing and then receive a cash offer. There is no need for home inspections or waiting for a deal to close.

Are you interested in selling your home as is? 

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