Selling your home with a cracked foundation

Time and the changing weather can take a toll on your home. It can cause shingles to become loose, gutters to fall off, and even cause cracks on your home’s foundation. Homeowners might ignore cracks in the foundation until it is too late or they want to sell their home. 

The cost of foundation repairs depends on the severity of the damage. According to HomeAdvisor, the national average cost for foundation repair is $4,033. However, if the foundation has severe damage to it, it may cost up to $50,000. Yikes, right! 

Before you search for “how to sell my house as is,” review this information about cracks in the foundation and learn the best ways to sell your home with a cracked foundation. 

Cracks in the foundation

It is not uncommon for homes to develop cracks in the foundation. Both old and new homes are affected equally. The good news is that not all cracks mean bad news. Some kinds of cracks that are normal can be repaired easily. Here is a look at the different types of cracks in the foundation. 

Horizontal cracks

If you spot horizontal cracks in your home’s foundation, that is an indication of a serious problem. These cracks are created by water pressure from the outside of the wall, and if left unresolved, it could end with foundation failure. 

Vertical cracks

On the other hand, if you see vertical cracks in the foundation, that usually means that there is shrinkage in the concrete. Vertical cracks are sometimes referred to as shrinkage cracks. These kinds of cracks are less severe than horizontal cracks. 

Stair step cracks 

If your home’s foundation is made of blocks, it can develop stair-step cracks. These kinds of cracks resemble stair steps and happen along the mortar joints. The cause of stair-step cracks is foundation settlement, sinking or moisture-related problems. 

Diagonal cracks 

Diagonal cracks are usually found in the foundation run at 30 to 75 degrees from the wall. These kinds of cracks are caused by the differential settling of the foundation. Just like vertical cracks, these kinds of cracks do not typically pose a serious threat. 

Ways to sell your home with a cracked foundation

List your home as is 

For some homeowners, repairing the foundation is not within their budget or time. One option that these homeowners have is listing their house as is. By selling your house as is, you are letting potential homebuyers know that the house is being sold in its current condition and no repairs will be made. You will have to lower your home’s asking price so people have enough money to make those repairs. 

Sell your home for cash 

If you want to save yourself the hassle of having to put the house on the market, sell your home for cash to a company that buys houses - like us. These kinds of companies will give you a cash offer for your house as is. What most of these companies require is that you request a house showing. 

Sell my house as is 

If you have decided to sell your house to a company that buys houses, contact us! We will buy your house no matter what kind of repairs it needs. Request your cash offer here.