Can you sell a house with lead paint?

If you bought a house built before 1978, it likely came with a lot of charm. Many people who buy older homes do not know that these homes might have lead paint. 

The American Healthy Homes Survey estimates that 93 percent of houses built before 1978 have lead-based paint. Homes with lead paint can be dangerous if small children and pets live there. So if you are planning on selling your home that has lead paint, here is how a “we buy problem houses Omaha” company can help you. 

What is lead paint?

The term “lead paint” or “lead-based paint” describes paint that contains lead. This kind of metal is toxic and causes a range of health problems, especially in young kids. 

Before the 1980s, lead was commonly added to household paint because it was an inexpensive way to speed up the paint’s drying process and maintain durability. It was not until 1978 that the United States banned the use of lead-based paints in household paints

Why is lead paint dangerous?

Consuming lead is dangerous to the body. When lead is absorbed by the body, it can damage the brain or vital organs. Lead poisoning also is known to cause behavioral problems, like learning disabilities, seizures or even death. Kids are normally the most vulnerable to getting lead poisoning because they are more likely to put contaminated items into their mouths. 

Can you sell a house with lead paint?

Yes, selling a house with lead paint is possible. If you have prior knowledge that the house has lead paint, you are required by law to disclose it. What if you do not know if your house contains any lead paint? Then, you should sign a disclosure statement saying that you are unaware of any lead paint problems. You can find out if your house has lead paint with a DIY lead test sold at your local hardware store or hiring a certified professional. 

Selling a house with lead paint

Remove the lead paint

When it comes to selling a house with lead paint, you have several options. You can put it on the market with the help of a real estate agent. Going through this route might pose some challenges, especially if you were hoping to sell the house without making any renovations. 

Potential buyers might ask you to fix the lead problem or ask you to lower the asking price. The estimated cost of the lead paint removal process ranges from $8 to $15 per square foot. So if your house is between 1,200 to 2,000 square feet, it may cost you between $9,600 to $30,000. 

Sell it for cash

If removing the lead paint is not in your budget, you also have the option of selling your house for cash to a we buy problem houses Omaha company. This option is very practical for home sellers who do not have the budget to make renovations. These companies can buy your damaged house as-is for cash. In addition, it also saves home sellers the time of having to find a buyer who will not back out on the transaction. 

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