Decorating hazards

Putting up decorations is a great way to get into the holiday spirit! Twinkling lights, Christmas trees, festive ornaments and stockings are all some of the decorations that come to mind when sprucing up your space for the holiday season. Although some may be small, if proper precautions aren’t taken, they can become hazards. Find out what holiday decorating hazards to watch out for and how to sell your home as-is in Omaha.

Holiday Decorating Hazards

The weeks leading up to Christmas are especially festive due to decorations that can be seen everywhere you go! During the holiday season, an average of 260 home fires are started due to Christmas trees. 150 home fires each year are started due to holiday lighting, to avoid causing injury to yourself, others or your home follow these safety tips.

Light safety

Christmas lights have been linked to 40% of Christmas tree fires. To ensure a safe holiday it is important to check all of your lights for damage and avoid using any lights that have frayed, exposed or damaged wires. When hanging the lights, don’t use nails or anything that could potentially damage the cord. During this time, having lots of cords isn’t uncommon, but be mindful of how many cords you have and how many are going into extension cords. It is important to avoid plugging cords into each other so they don’t overheat and become a fire hazard. When choosing lights, epoxy LED lights are typically safer than glass lights due to their durability. These lights also release less heat, which makes them less of a hazard. When hanging lights outside, make sure all cords are made for outdoor use and make sure they are plugged into ground-fault circuit interrupters. Your tree may look great lit up all day and night, but it is best to unplug it when it is unsupervised. 

Christmas Tree Safety

For some, it can be hard to believe that a decorative tree can be a hazard, but if neglected it can be deadly. A dried-out Christmas tree can be prevented when first bringing the tree home by making sure half an inch of the trunk is cut off. The next step is to get a bucket of water and place the tree there for at least 24 hours before any decorating. When it’s time to decorate, water can be kept underneath the tree to make sure it doesn’t get too dry. Humidifiers may be recommended if you live in a drier climate or if your home is known to have dry air. When the decorating commences, LED lights are recommended. They don’t release much heat, which makes the likelihood of a fire much slimmer. 

Open flame safety

It’s not the holiday season without a warm scented candle! Picking out the perfect winter candle is a true Christmastime joy, but can also be a hazard if precautions aren’t taken. When lighting candles, they should be placed out of reach of children and pets. It is important that, once you light a candle, you remember to extinguish them before leaving the room. Fireplaces are also commonly used around this time of year. It should be noted that you should refrain from burning anything that isn’t wood. 

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