Fire causes and prevention tips

Fire prevention is essential all year round. With the colder months approaching, it is important to know what can cause house fires and how to prevent them. In the event that a fire does damage your home, know that you have options! Best Price Homebuyers located in West Omaha will buy your damaged home no matter the circumstance and have a cash offer for you in as little as 24 hours. 

Causes of house fires

When the weather cools and we spend more time inside, the risk of house fires increases. Here are some of the most common causes of house fires. 


Cooking is the first leading cause of house fires. During the winter people tend to cook inside more often, which results in many more fire risks. Leaving hot appliances, especially those with an open flame, unattended is a significant cause of house fires. Keeping flammable materials away from hot surfaces is essential. It is also a good idea to clean your stove often to decrease the chance of grease buildup. It is also recommended to keep kids and pets at least three feet away from hot cooking surfaces and appliances. 


Candles are a good go-to when wanting to add a pleasant scent to your home. Candles can also be dangerous, as they have an open flame and can be easily forgotten about. Home fires from candles are a frequent occurrence because of people forgetting to extinguish the candle or completely leaving the room with the candle still lit. Candles can also cause fires when they are kept too close to other combustible items. The open flame can easily spread from the candle to curtains, shelving or any other flammable objects. A minimum of three feet should be kept between a candle and other objects to avoid any fires.


Colder weather makes people less likely to want to smoke outside. Smoking indoors increases the possibility of a house fire in multiple ways. Firstly, the open burn can spread to other flammable objects if not properly disposed of. A proper ashtray should be used to discard of any smoking materials to avoid anything lighting on fire. Make sure everything is completely extinguished before disposing of it. Beyond that, it’s important to keep any lighters or matches away from children. Keep them locked up and out of reach to reduce the risk of accidental fire. 

Washers and Dryer

Dryer fires start primarily because of the failure to clean the machines. Lint buildup commonly leads to dryer fires due to them not being able to release heat. Avoiding this is easy, after each dry cycle be sure to empty your lint filter. You should also consider getting your vents and ductwork checked and professionally cleaned to avoid any more potential problems.

Best Price Homebuyers located in West Omaha

Some home damage can’t be prevented. In the case of a fire, you can do your best to keep yourself and your home safe. If a fire damages your home, sell it as-is to Best Price Homebuyers located in West Omaha. When you sell your property for cash, you will receive an offer in as little as 24 hours! We will buy your house and make it a simple and stress-free process. Contact us today and request a cash offer.