Effective ways to heat your home in the winter

Temperatures are falling, which means it's time to turn the heat on! Heating your home is expensive, but luckily there are effective ways to do it. Keep the energy bill down and effectively heat your home this winter. Looking to sell your home? Choose Best Price Homebuyers to sell your home fast in Omaha.

How to heat your home in the winter

Don’t let your energy bills get too high this winter! There are many things that can cause your energy bills to spike. If you’re thinking about it now, you’re already ahead of the game, and you can fix these issues and live a budget-friendly lifestyle for the rest of the winter season.

Replace windows

If heat is able to escape in and out of your windows then it is time to replace them. About 30% of residential heating and cooling is reliant on windows. If you are looking for energy-efficient options, dual-pane windows are a great option! They are designed to help keep cold air inside during the summer and heat inside during the winter.

Add insulation 

When considering if installing insulation is right for you, make sure to use the U-factor rating. This helps determine the ranges of insulation, the lower the number the better the insulation is.

Upgrade thermostat

If you're trying to save money this season, a smart thermostat might be a wise investment to make. Setting your 10-15% higher in the summer and lower in the winter can save you 10% on heating and cooling bills yearly. An easy way to make this happen is just by remembering to turn down the temperature before you leave the house or before you go to bed.

Lay rugs on hardwood floors

Hardwood floors sure are pretty, but they can also lose 10% of the heat in your home due to them being uninsulated. Save on your energy bills by putting area rugs down in rooms with hard-surface floors. 

Check vents

Feeling cool air in certain spots of your home? You could have blocked vents. Check your vents to make sure they aren’t being obstructed by any large pieces of furniture. This is a cost-efficient and easy way to ensure your energy bills stay down and that your home is heated thoroughly. 

Use fans and sunlight

Believe it or not, utilizing your ceiling fan can actually warm your house up! Use the switch on the side of the motor and make sure it is now spinning in a clockwise direction. Set the fan to the lowest speed, this will help bring the hot air down. To add more heat to your home, open the curtains on a sunny day and use the natural sunlight! This is a great way to naturally heat your home.

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