Four spooky things that can ruin a home’s value

You paid a pretty penny for your house, and you want to get as much back as possible when you sell it. However, due to unavoidable circumstances, your home’s value could have decreased. Now that you are planning on selling it, you want to find a selling option that will give the best return. 

To help you through your research, our team has listed four things that devalue a home. If your home has any of these issues, it might be wise to call a “sell my house fast Omaha NE” company.


Have you noticed growing spots on your home’s walls? You might have mold, which is a type of fungi that consists of tiny organisms. Mold appears in damp and moist environments. Most homes develop mold due to roof and foundation leaks or flooding. 

The problem with mold is how fast it spreads and the health risk it poses. Houses with mold can see a decrease in value even after receiving mold treatment. Experts estimate that homes with previous mold problems, but are now treated, can see their home value drop by three percent

Foundation cracks 

A house's foundation does a lot of things. It keeps the house still, leveled and insulated. Time, soil moisture level changes and changing temperatures may cause cracks to develop on it. Over time, foundation cracks may get bigger and cause structural issues or allow water inside. 

Unrepaired foundation cracks can reduce the value of your home. Reports state that foundation issues, like cracks, can drop your home's value by 10 to 15 percent. The problem with many homeowners is resolving foundation issues is out of budget. The average cost to repair a foundation is over $4,000.  If your home has this problem, contact a sell my house fast Omaha NE company. 


Through the years of living at your house, you might have had a lot of uninvited guests. Some are better than others. One guest that might actually hurt your home’s value is pests. These pests include termites, rats, mice, bed bugs and roaches.

Aside from causing you a good scare from seeing one up close, pests can also cause damage to your property. They can eat through your wood, make holes and chew on wires. For example, if your home has termites, it can devalue your home by 20 percent. 


Growing up, scary stories about haunted houses surround us. Some people love exploring these properties for the thrill, and some avoid them at all costs. Homes can be considered haunted due to paranormal activity or even death. 

Did a death take place in your home? Then, that could devalue it. Real estate experts state that a non-natural death in a house can devalue it by 10 to 25 percent. Although home sellers in certains states do not have to disclose this information, people can still do research beforehand and avoid buying a “stigmatized” property.

How to sell my house fast in Omaha NE

If your house has any of the four spooky things listed above, sell it to us! We buy houses in all conditions. We can give a fair cash offer for it. Request your offer today!