How to sell your home as-is with bats inside

It’s officially spooky season! What’s more spooky than uninvited guests making their way into your home? Bats are more than a popular animal to include on Halloween decorations, they are also a pest that can easily make their way into houses. Don’t get spooked yet, find out how to prevent and get rid of unwanted guests in your home or how to sell your home fast as-is.

How do bats get inside?

If you hear strange noises in your home, chances are an animal of some sort has taken up residence. Bats prefer stable temperatures, and your home is most likely going to offer that. Your home is also a shelter not only from the elements outside but also from bats’ predators. It’s not hard for a bat to find its way into your home. A small crack can be enough for a bat to sneak its way in. Other popular ways that bats can get into your home include sneaking in through windows, chimneys, vents, roofing, walls and siding. Ideally, the faster you spot a bat the easier it is to rid your home of them. These mammals are often looking for a spot to give birth. Unfortunately, your home's attic is a great place to do so. Some bats also migrate and hibernate in the winter which can also cause them to set up long-term residency in homes. 

How to get rid of bats in your home?

The presence of bats in your home can definitely be annoying, and you will want to get rid of them as soon as you can. Bats don’t choose your house out of spite, they simply need a warm environment and a place for protection. It is important to avoid hurting them when trying to remove them from your home. A three-step method includes avoidance, mitigation and compensation. Bats are known to carry diseases such as rabies which can cause health risks to you. If possible, a wildlife professional should remove the bats from the premises. 

How to prevent them?

After you rid your house of the bats and any droppings they may have left behind, it’s now time to prevent this from happening again. Once everything is clear, you should note possible entryways that the bats could have gotten in and then take action accordingly. Sealing possible entrances is a good first step. If there are any potential openings in your home, bats have the opportunity to enter and leave as they please. It is important to make sure that all bats are gone before doing this to ensure they aren’t colonizing in your attic or wherever they might be living. PVC and caulk tubes are also another good method of getting bats out. This gets bats to leave and is the best way to prevent their return. 

Sell your home fast

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