Sell your home with smoke damage

Smoke and fire in your home sadly aren’t uncommon and can cause a hefty amount of damage. If your home has endured fire or smoke damage, consider selling your home as-is. Skip the repairs and the hassle of putting your home on the market and get cash for houses near me. 

What is smoke damage?

It is important to note that smoke damage and fire damage are different. Smoke damage is any physical or structural damage that is caused by the smoke itself. Fire can destroy personal items and potentially the entire home, but smoke can cause damage such as covering items in soot. 

Types of smoke damage

Depending on the type of fire and what causes it plays a part in the behavior and type of the smoke and the exact damage that it can cause. Common fires include electrical, smoking, cooking and accidental fires. 

Wet smoke

This type of smoke is produced when there are fumes from low heat or smoldering flames. Burnt rubber or plastic can also be a main cause of wet smoke and give off a burnt plastic odor when burning. Wet smoke is usually thick and black, this is a culprit for damaging property quickly if it is left on surfaces. Wet smoke has a greasy texture which can cause the repair and cleanup process to be tedious and difficult. 

Protein smoke

Kitchen fires are prone to causing protein smoke; this happens when organic matter like food is burned. This type of smoke is clear or invisible so it can be hard to clean. The signs of protein smoke include a strong smell and discolored paint.

Fuel smoke

Burnt petroleum or oil are the main causes of fuel smoke. This type of smoke isn’t very common to find in homes. Fuel smoke can often be found in garages or warehouses or places that have petroleum stored. This smoke is very strong and is one of the most difficult to clean. When it comes in contact with any fabric or surface it becomes thick and sticky.

Dry smoke

High-temperature fires cause dry smoke. This smoke usually comes from fires that are started from paper or wood. In comparison to the other types of smoke, dry smoke is easier to clean up. The texture is powdery, which can cause it to be found in the smallest areas of your home. Because of this, dry smoke can ruin your home's structure and wiring if it is not properly cleaned. The odor of dry smoke is fairly weak in comparison to others.

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