The different types of damaged homes you can sell for cash: Updated

The process of selling your home can be just as demanding as the buying process. There are numerous considerations to keep in mind, such as the method of sale you choose. You have the option of hiring a real estate agent or selling your home to the best cash home buyers in Omaha.

When your home has sustained damage, deciding on the best approach to selling becomes crucial. Attempting to sell a damaged property through traditional means can be time-consuming and costly. However, if you're interested in selling a house without making repairs, opting for a cash sale to a house-buying company, like us, might be the ideal solution.

These companies specialize in buying houses in Omaha for cash, regardless of the property's condition. Wondering what types of damage we purchase? Here's a breakdown of various forms of damage we've encountered in the homes we've bought.

Storm damage:

Severe thunderstorms, strong winds and snowstorms can wreak havoc on your property. Storm damage often manifests on a property's siding, roof and gutters. Unfortunately, this damage can remain unnoticed and worsen over time.

Water damage:

Water damage may be indicated by discolored walls, bubbling paint or a musty odor in your home. This type of damage can result from intense storms, ice dams, leaky pipes or faulty household appliances. Homes with water damage may also suffer from structural issues, electrical problems and mold and mildew growth.

Lead paint:

If your home was constructed before the 1980s, it may contain lead paint, which is hazardous to the body and can damage vital organs, particularly in children. By law, you must disclose the presence of lead paint. However, if you're unaware of its presence, you'll need to sign a disclosure statement stating your lack of knowledge.

Pet damage:

While pets can bring joy to a household, they can also cause damage to your home. You may not even notice this damage until you're preparing to sell your home. Pet owners might observe scratched floors, unpleasant odors and claw marks on doors and walls. You can skip the expense of repairing these pet damage issues by selling your home for cash.

Foundation cracks:

A home's foundation is essential for stability and moisture prevention. As a result of time and weather conditions, the foundation may develop cracks, including horizontal, vertical, stair-step and diagonal ones. These cracks can complicate the selling process.


Water damage can often lead to mold growth. Mold is a fungus that thrives in damp environments and poses health risks. Even after resolving the mold issue, homes can experience a decrease in value because some buyers won't consider purchasing a home with a history of mold.

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