The different types of damaged homes you can sell for cash

Selling a home can be just as stressful as buying one. There are many things you need to take into account, like what selling method you will use. You have the option to hire a real estate agent or sell your home to a buy houses in Omaha company.

One thing that can help you decide is if your home has been damaged. Trying to sell a damaged home with the traditional method can cost time and money. But if you want to sell a house without repairs, then sell it for cash to a company that buys houses - like us.

These companies buy houses in Omaha for cash, no matter what the property’s condition. What kind of damaged properties do we buy? Here is a list of the different types of damage we have seen in homes we have bought.

Storm damage

Strong thunderstorms, high winds and snow storms can cause serious damage to your property. Homeowners can see storm damage on their property’s siding, roof and gutters. This damage can go unnoticed and get worse over the years. 

Water damage

If your home’s walls have discoloration, bubbling paint or a damp smell, your house might have water damage. This kind of damage occurs from strong storms, ice dams, leaky pipes or even faulty household appliances. Homes with water damage may have structural, mold, mildew, and electrical damage

Lead paint 

Was your home built prior to the 1980s? It might have lead paint. This kind of paint is dangerous to the body and can damage the brain or vital organs. It is hazardous to kids because it can cause behavioral problems. If you know your house has lead paint, you are required by law to disclose it. But, if you are unaware if your home has lead paint, then you have to sign a disclosure statement saying you were unaware. 

Pet damage

Owning pets can bring lots of joy to a household, but they can also damage your home. You might have not noticed the pet damage until you are planning to sell your home. Homeowners with pets can see scratched floors, foul odors and clawed doors and walls. You can skip making these repairs by selling your home for cash.

Foundation cracks 

A home’s foundation holds, anchors and keeps the ground moisture away from it. With time and weather, the foundation can get damaged and cause cracks. Some common foundation cracks homeowners can see include horizontal, vertical, stair step and diagonal cracks. Having these cracks can make the selling process difficult. 


If your home has experienced any kind of water damage, you may see mold. It is a fungus that appears in damp and moist environments. Having mold in your home poses a health risk. Even if you do fix the mold problem, homes can see a value decrease. The reason is that some home buyers will not consider buying homes with mold

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